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Don't just ascend, Evolve.  

You know that feeling,  that there is more in store, more to life, that you were meant to be so much bigger, brighter and bolder. Well that’s all true, and the universe is waiting for you, so let’s do this. 

All my coaching programmes are designed to give you the skills to create your own direct connection with source and the higher self. To teach you how to command and receive, all that is yours so that you can see beyond duality and return to wholeness. 

Not just you, but everything and everyone around you will change.

My role is to make sure you feel safe, loved and supported in every moment as you transcend to new heights. 

Conscious Evolution Coaching

The root cause of all dis-ease occurs when we are separated from wholeness. 

The first doubt that we are separate from source, creates a veil of perception, limiting beliefs and trauma that can only be transcended by remembering the true self, the soul self. 

Does This Sound Like You?

You know that there is more to life than this, ever since you can remember you always knew deep down that there was. 

Tired of feeling weighed down by all the pain and suffering, the hard work, the heavy burdens of mundane life?

Exhausted by trying to fit into the idea of who you should be, rather than being who you truly are?

The conscious evolution programme is about living in boundless, creative freedom. 

It’s not just building a new life, it’s about creating your reality.

It’s not just about becoming healthier, it’s about Evolving to a new state of being.

It’s not just about remembering who you are, it’s about commanding your full power. 

Become healthier, wealthier and more fulfilled in life to shape your destiny. 

Learn how to:

kat 2

Meet your guide

Kat chu

Hi, I am Kat Chu, my passion is to help spiritual explorers reawaken their divine blueprint, to remember who they are and reclaim their spiritual gifts. 

I am a fourth-generation practitioner of Chinese medicine, Sacred visionary and highly advanced energy worker and channel. , I bring an eclectic mix of skills to the table, to address issues at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels based on the ancient principles of five element alchemy and direct channelings from source.

Having treated thousands of people across the globe, from all walks of life. I have learnt how to go to the deepest levels of healing, bringing people back from fear and trauma to realign with their true self, their dreams and ultimately their  divine destiny. 

If you are ready to live in divine flow, to create a life of ease, and build a reality that happens for you, not TO you. Then join me and let’s make your dreams come true.

How does it work?

All coaching programmes are highly personalised to help you grow and evolve into an incredibly powerful and successful being. Gaining insight and clarity in all aspects of your life, to achieve your goals, create your dreams and become the alchemist. 

Healing will occur on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels, this work is dynamic, groundbreaking and ultimately life-changing. You will not be the same person when you have finished this programme, the universe itself shall begin to reveal its secrets to you and you shall be able to create a life of total freedom in perfect alignment with source itself, a life of joy and celebration for who you are. 

People from all over the world have evolved to the highest levels of consciousness with these programmes. 

So what are you waiting for?

These programmes tap into the deepest levels of knowledge, wisdom and truth, empowering you to take control of your reality. Walk hand in hand with source through the realms of existence to discover your soul self, and rediscover your gifts. Kat will guide you with loving-kindness and compassion, holding space and cheering you on in every moment. Helping you to create anything you want, achieve anything you want and become whomever you want with ease. Not just you, but everything and everyone around you will change.

Just one session can cause a huge change in your life, source always meets us where we are at, and delivers the greatest teachings for the individual in that moment.

Each programme starts with a 90-minute Evolution mastery plan session, to ascertain your goals and discuss your needs. 

Each month you will receive a full 90-minute session of sacred visions, divine guidance and personalised messages direct from source, just for you.

Followed by a 60 minute integration session, to answer any questions, check in with your progress and reflect upon your journey, and ask for any further guidance.

Kat will provide assistance and facilitate any past life or energetic clearings that are required during the session, to deepen the healing. 

The Divine Alchemy programme will:

Change every aspect of your life, and those around you. Granting you the knowledge, wisdom and power to live life on your terms,all day, every day.

Learn How To:

* Release chaos and overwhelm, to witness life as it happens for you not too you.
* Make the right decisions with clarity and confidence, to reclaim your power.
* See the true reflective nature of reality, to gain clear insight into all aspects of life.
* Create a deep connection with your intuition and spirit, creating confidence and boundless joy.
* Step away from pain and suffering, and embrace the divine self.
* Become the creator of your reality, and harness your true potential.
* Reclaim your inner Knowledge, Wisdom and Power, and live your dreams.
* See life as the true miracle it is, creating magic in every moment.This process starts the minute you decide to invest in yourself, as soon as you decide things
change immediately, this is going to be the greatest adventure of your life and i can’t wait to be
your guide. Book your discovery call today and let’s do this, let’s rise together.

  • 3 Month Programme
  • £888 Deposit
  • Two further payments of £597

  • 6 Month Programme
  • £1,333 Deposit
  • Five further payments of £467

All sessions can be recorded with your permission and e-mailed to you so that you may revisit at any point. This will be discussed during your initial “Evolution Solution” session at the start of your programme. 

Single 90 Minute sessions are offered at £375.00, however to allow for integration and full understanding of the knowledge gifted to you,  a course offers better value and growth.

Still not sure how long you want to commit or if this work can serve you? Unsure of the possibilities available to you? Then book a discovery call now and we can see what source has in store for you? 


Join me on a sacred journey through the realms of self-discovery, to reawaken and ignite your highest self at source level.