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Divine Alchemy

The Divine Alchemy Mentorship

If you are ready to go beyond the veil, to explore the spiritual realms and create a life of magic and miracles, then this is the mentorship for you.

This mentorship programme is for those who wish to go deep into the spiritual realms, create an unbreakable bond with their intuition and their guides.

To become a divine channel,remember their true self and become one with source.

Learn how to see, feel and master universal energies and use the dynamic laws of nature to create a life of magic and miracles.

To heal and become whole on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

To navigate and create their own quantum realities, and to experience the freedom as master of their own universe.

Does This Sound Like You?

Then let me show you a world where all the magic exists, where you can change not just your life but your reality. Let me show you the building blocks of the universe, the power of divine creation and how to live a life beyond your wildest dreams, in a constant flow of ease. 

If you are ready to take the next step, align with your greatest power and start your journey as a divine alchemist, then apply today by booking in a Discovery Call below.

Divine Alchemy

How does it work?

All programmes are specifically tailored for you, we will discuss this on your initial call, to ensure we get the perfect fit. I like to create simple yet highly impactful practical exercises that fit easily into your daily lifestyle, alongside theoretical knowledge and wisdom that will enable you to 

Remember your true divine self and Fulfill your destiny. We will design and create your dream life, one that happens for you and not too you. Allowing you to see beyond the Matrix, to experience different dimensions and travel beyond the Mundane whilst gaining an understanding of the dynamic laws of nature to become an energetic powerhouse and divine alchemist. 

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Meet your guide

Kat chu

Hi, I am Kat Chu, my passion is to help spiritual explorers reawaken their divine blueprint, to remember who they are and reclaim their spiritual gifts. 

I am a fourth-generation practitioner of Chinese medicine, Sacred visionary and highly advanced energy worker and channel. , I bring an eclectic mix of skills to the table, to address issues at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels based on the ancient principles of five element alchemy and direct channelings from source.

Having treated thousands of people across the globe, from all walks of life. I have learnt how to go to the deepest levels of healing, bringing people back from fear and trauma to realign with their true self, their dreams and ultimately their  divine destiny. 

If you are ready to live in divine flow, to create a life of ease, and build a reality that happens for you, not TO you. Then join me and let’s make your dreams come true.


The Divine Alchemy programme will:

Change every aspect of your life, and those around you. Granting you the knowledge, wisdom and power to live life on your terms,all day, every day.

Learn How To:

* Release chaos and overwhelm, to witness life as it happens for you not too you.
* Make the right decisions with clarity and confidence, to reclaim your power.
* See the true reflective nature of reality, to gain clear insight into all aspects of life.
* Create a deep connection with your intuition and spirit, creating confidence and boundless joy.
* Step away from pain and suffering, and embrace the divine self.
* Become the creator of your reality, and harness your true potential.
* Reclaim your inner Knowledge, Wisdom and Power, and live your dreams.
* See life as the true miracle it is, creating magic in every moment.This process starts the minute you decide to invest in yourself, as soon as you decide things
change immediately, this is going to be the greatest adventure of your life and i can’t wait to be
your guide. Book your discovery call today and let’s do this, let’s rise together.

  • 3 Month Programme
  • Initial 2 Hour Mastery Plan Session
  • 8 Tailored Master Teaching Sessions
  • 4 Soul Recovery Healing Sessions

  • 6 Month Programme
  • Initial 2 Hour Mastery Plan Session
  • 12 Tailored Master Teaching Sessions
  • 6 Soul Recovery Healing Sessions
  • 4 Direct Channelling with your Guides and Guardians

All teaching and training sessions can be recorded and sent through to you, as agreed.