Five Element Alchemy (10-week course)

Start date: Tuesday 15th June.

Step into the wisdom of my lineage and learn to nurture your nature.

In modern times we are taught that the five elements are a system used in healing the body, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. The ancient Chinese used this system to understand and explain the laws of nature, and to understand where we fitted in. When we come to understand the deeper nature of the five elements, we can begin to see the reflections of ourselves not just in our health and wellbeing, but in the very existence of nature.

In this course we will learn about the inner and outer aspects of the five elements and how to put the signs and symbols to practical use, not just for physical and mental health but for infinite expansion and growth as we once again connect to our souls knowing, a remembering of self.

Each week we will go through one of the five elements, how they affect us, the signs and symptoms of imbalance and how to correct them through changes in our diet, environment, daily actions and thoughts. In the final session, we will discuss the Five Element Cycles, and how to use the system to your best advantage.

Each week there will be:

  • A live Master teaching 2-hour session on zoom, discussing the spiritual aspects and actions of the elements.
  • Self-study PDF documents with tips and skills to help you create routines and rituals for your unique constitution.

Investment: £697.00

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