If you walk with the divine

Are manifesting everything you want in the now moment?

Have a clear and direct connection to source and intuition?

Live in a continual flow of miracles and magic.

Then this probably isn’t for you. However, if that’s not the case.

This could be the moment you have been waiting for your whole life.

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With love and light

Let me tell you a story.......​

There was a time when the Divine walked on the face of the earth, they came to the aide of the human race and assisted in the discovery of existence.

As the cycles of human discovery turned, the divine receded beyond the veil, so that humans could live out their destiny and discover themselves.

Now at the cusp of the great ascension, the divine has returned to earth, yet this time it is not in separate form, for the divine is awakening within humans themselves, the god spark has been reignited in many and for those who choose the path, anything is possible.

As one’s inner divinity rises, consciousness itself transcends the boundaries of existence to return the miracles of existence into the lives of those who wish to embrace their destiny and evolve.

You are there deep inside, and it is my mission to guide you to the divine life you so richly deserve.
Healing doesn’t have to be hard. Let me meet you in the darkness and guide you to the true magnificence that lies within your soul, for you my friend are a divine being.


Meet your guide

Kat chu

I’m Kat Chu and I help those who are ready to reconnect to their true self, create a life of blissful luxury and luscious experiences within the realms of existence. A fourth-generation Daoist Shaman, I was born with one foot on either side of the veil. Due to my beautiful heritage, I was able to pursue this aspect of my existence and nurture my connection with the divine.

Teacher, goddess, divine light and sacred visionary I lead people back to their light and help them honour their inner divinity. Teaching them to understand their true worth, and the power to release all limitations. I believe that healing should be easy and that living a life in flow is easily achievable for everyone.

If you are ready to move on to the next level you can either work with me 1-2-1 or study with me

Join me on a sacred journey through the realms of self-discovery, to reawaken and ignite your highest self at source level.